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Connect Your Community

Providing The Training and Resources

You Need To Create a Seamless System For Your Ministry

Taking Your Ministry Online

Creating a Seamless Process

No matter how many pieces it takes to take your ministry online, we can help you bring everything together into a seamless process that’s simple and easy to use.

Connected Relationship Management Made Easy

  1. Simplified layout
  2. Organize contacts in one central location
  3. Stay on track
  4. Never miss a connection point

Live Training Webinar & Strategic Planning Worksheet

$97 Value

Grow Your Ministry

Reframe Ministries Encouraging, Equipping, & Empowering

For Greater Effectiveness In Leadership

Mission Vision Values Strategy

Position Your Ministry For Growth

Reframe isn’t about jumping into a box, but creating a healthy and proper frame and lens in which to successfully live, love, and lead. Our partnership helps remove the unnecessary elements, obstacles and structures that are hindering you from experiencing the freedom and fullness Christ has for you and those you serve and lead. The right foundation will allow for a stronger community as well as a longer lasting reach and impact.

Live Training – Learn more about our P4 Strategy as we help you shore up and strengthen your Mission, Vision, Values & Strategies (MVVS). Get equipped with all you need to communicate effectively your MVVS to your team and your community.

Connected Relationship Management Made Easy

  1. Simplified layout
  2. Organize contacts in one central location
  3. Stay on track
  4. Never miss a connection point

Free 45 Min Consultation

Includes Assessment & Introductory Strategy!

$97 Value – FREE

Connect & Unite For Growth

MinistryWeb.Pro Providing The Tools and Resources

You Need To Thrive In Challenging Times

Launch – Connect Page


We make sure every online platform is designed to be attractive, practical, and connect with your community!


Launch your online platform with cutting edge designs that are crafted to perfectly fit any device


Worry free design, updates, and management. It’s not a setup and forget… we are here to provide continued support and to help you grow!

Connect Your Community

Stay Connected

Email & SMS Automation

Powerful automation and powerful AI (if-then) type technology. Our team of pros helps you customize your followup options that will connect your community. (more)

Setup Emails & Create An Automated Followup Processes

  1. Start with a custom email template
  2. Design your message
  3. Personalize your content
  4. Automate your workflows

Quality Info


Connected Relationship Management (Our CRM) integrates with your Email and SMS automation tools. Helping you collect quality info and stay on top of what’s happening in your community! (more)

Connected Relationship Management Made Easy

  1. Simplified layout
  2. Organize contacts in one central location
  3. Stay on track
  4. Never miss a connection point

Grow Your Ministry

Giving Made Easy

Online Giving

Those who connect want to see your ministry thrive. With powerful tools we make it easy for them to support your ministry, see their donation history, and share their support of your church through your website.. (more)

More Than An Offering Plate

Those who connect want to see your church thrive. We make it easy for them using all of these features listed here and so much more!

Make Giving Easy

Accept all major credit cards as well as Apple and Google Pay, even direct bank payments (ACH).

Fund Missions & Ministries

Create unique forms for every ministry in your church with custom form fields, labels, and display options.

Automate Monthly Giving

Use Recurring Donations to accept automatic weekly, monthly, and annual tithes so that your congregants can “set it and forget it.”

Quality Info

Google Ministry Listing

It’s impossible to be found online without accurate public ministry information. We ensure your information is correct on Google and our software manages and tracks your online listings. (more)

Google Ministry Listing

People are searching for a church

  1. Ensure they get accurate data
  2. Help them map to your location
  3. Direct link to your website for more info

Membership Bonuses

Being found online

SEO Reports

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a key to being found in local search results. Understanding how you are doing in local search results will help you identify key areas of opportunity for growth. (more)

Measure Success

Google Analytics

Utilize Google’s powerful Analytics software and reporting, providing the tools to track your ministry’s online growth… (more)

Google Analytics Made Easy

  1. Get insights on Google
  2. Visualize your traffic
  3. Get insights
  4. Track issues in real time

What’s Included?

SystemsGuy.Pro – Live Streaming Training _________________ $97 Value

Reframe Ministries – 45 Min Consultation “M V V S” _________ $97 Value

TruthFM Ministries – 45 Min Consultation __________________ $97 Value

Landing Page That Integrates All Tools ____________________ $497 Value $97 Monthly Value

SMS Automation (Software & Setup)* ______________________ $97 Value $29 Monthly Value

Email Automation (Software & Setup)*______________________ $297 Value $49 Monthly Value

Connected Relationship Management (Software & Setup)__ $297 Value $49 Monthly Value

Online Giving Platform _____________________________________ $497 Value $49 Monthly Value

Google Ministry Listing Setup /Optimization________________ $497 Value


SEO Reporting _____________________________________________ $197 Value $29 Monthly Value

Google Analytics__________________________________________ $197 Value $29 Monthly Value

Total Cost _________________________________________________ $2, 867 Value $331 Monthly Value

Launch + Connect + Grow + Bonuses

Only $697 Setup & $97 Monthly

Launch + Connect + Grow + Bonuses

Coupon Code save500

Only $197 Setup & $97 Monthly